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Mayfly Joins “My 60L Secret” Weekend Sale Group

February 12, 2013

We are no longer part of the 60L$ Weekends sale group, and have now joined My 60L Secret. This group has a new way of doing things; instead of making you sift through textures in notecards one at a time in world, all of the current weekend’s sale items are shown on their blog. That’s so much easier, and as if that’s not convenient enough, everything is categorized by the merchants when they submit their items to the blog for the week. Too simple!

They also offer a subscriber list that sends out each week’s notecard with all the participating stores and their slurls.

The sales run 12:01AM Friday – 11:59PM Monday – one extra day so those of you who have family things to do on weekends can still have a chance to shop too.

My 60L Secret Setup at Mayfly in Second Life

You’ll find this display right by Mayfly’s landing point; you can’t miss it!

Remember to check out their blog every weekend to see what’s on sale for 60L$. My 60L Secret


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