In 2006 we opened our virtual doors as Ephemeral Creations in the Second Life® web platform (if you’re not familiar with the Second Life world, then you might want to go here first), and in 2010 we split Ephemeral Creations into three distinct stores – BodyFire, Mayfly, and Ephemeral Neko.

We are a design house creating virtual products for use in Second Life. Our tastes are fairly eclectic, so our designs and products tend to be eclectic. But that’s the beauty of SL after all, isn’t it? You can be anything you want, at any time – one moment you are a normal looking human; suddenly you’re a rock star with a face full of piercings; then you’ve sprouted ears, whiskers, and a tail; and then you’re a supermodel; a huge dragon; a fiendish demon; a beautiful angel; a graceful elf; a gleaming android…

You know how it is, and what you want to explore. Maybe we can help you flesh out your persona. Have a look around, stop by our stores, drop us a line to say hello; and enjoy your Second Life!