We reserve all rights in our original designs, textures, and advertising copy and graphics. All of our original designs are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced and/or redistributed without explicitly written, legally binding permission.

If some of our items are offered or sold by us to the end user with Second Life® “copy” or “modify” permissions enabled, it is strictly to facilitate proper resizing and functionality, or for the personal convenience of the customer. The granting of such permissions does not grant anyone the legal right to copy or recreate our designs (or any other designer’s work in Second Life for that matter), or to create derivative works.

We never offer full permission versions of our products. If you know of anyone claiming to offer our products full permission, or offering copies our products or derivatives of our designs as their own designs, please contact Arkesh Baral in world immediately.

Our content is distributed for use only in the grid where it was acquired. Example: An item bought in Second Life may not be transferred to InWorldz or any other grid.