Store Policies / ToS

Refunds & Exchanges

Refunds can only be given on Transferable items. If you cannot give the item back, then we cannot refund it. If your item is Transfer then you must present the entire item for a refund or exchange.

We will replace Mod/Transfer items that were accidentally mangled during sizing and fitting. Please contact Arkesh Baral to trade your damaged item for a new copy.


If your item is not Transfer (Copy or Copy/Mod) then we will replace it if you cannot find it in your inventory. Please include the transaction history from your Second Life® account transaction history for your purchase so I can find it in my own history.

Please do the following before requesting support for lost items:

  1. Log out and then back into Second Life.
  2. Search your inventory for your lost item by name or partial name.

If you still cannot find your item(s), please contact Arkesh Baral in world for assistance.


Our content is distributed for use only in the grid where it was acquired. Example: An item bought in Second Life may not be transferred to InWorldz or any other grid.

Have a great day!