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New! “Has Milk” Neko Collar 2.0

March 20, 2010 Comments off

We’re revisiting an old favorite with a new Has Milk Neko Collar. The updated version gives you 27 gorgeous leather textures at the click of a button, and also includes 10 metal textures. If that’s not enough, also at the touch of a button, you can choose to have a bitty paw print on your little milk bottle, or not, if you want. Just touch your collar while wearing it to get the menu.

You get both girl’s and boy’s fitted versions in the package, and can just delete the one you don’t want. It’s copy/mod permissions.

This new, updated version replaces the original Has Milk collars; stop by the Ephemeral main store today to show your kitty-love for milk.


Leather Neko Bell Collar

February 7, 2010 Comments off

What’s better than an awesome new collar for your neko-kitty neck in Second Life®? One that’s scripted to let you pick from 27 cool leather textures, and 9 types of metal. Add a jingle bell and a couple of paw prints, and you have the makings of cuuuuute!

We have one fitted for the girls…

…and for the boys too.

Here are just a few of the 243 total color combinations you could make with just this one collar:

Be sure to look under your hair, there’s a second paw print hidden on the back of the collar.

You can grab your super-cool, awesome-cute new kitty collar at Ephemeral Creations today.

Nubia Jewelry Sets

March 8, 2009 Comments off

Ephemeral Creations Nubia Jewelry Set - Gold

Ephemeral Creations offers our new “Nubia” full jewelry sets in either gold or silver. Each set comes with 8 mod/copy pieces to adorn you from head to toe!

Ephemeral Creations Nubia Jewelry Set - Silver


Ephemeral Creations Nubia Neck Piece - Gold

Best worn with little or nothing else, the Nubia jewelry is both sexy and low prim (so it won’t lag you out when you slink around Second Life® wearing all the pieces).

Ephemeral Creations Nubia Jewelry Set Upper

8 Pieces Included:
Neck Piece (chest)
Wide Wrist Cuff (right lower arm)
Bracelet (left lower arm)
Arm Band (left upper arm)
Thigh Band (right upper leg)
Knee Band (right lower leg)
Ankle Band (right foot)
Tall Ankle Cuff (left lower leg)

Ephemeral Creations Nubia Jewelry Set Lower

Like with all of our demos, the full Nubia demo set is 0L$.

Find the Nubia sets in the Ephemeral Creations main store.

~ Peace, Arkesh Baral

Snap Leather Chokers in Lots of Styles

September 9, 2008 Comments off

To match our range of snap leather bracelets, Ephemeral Creations has released full sets of matching chokers. Just like the bracelets, they come in black, red, brown, and tan variants. All pieces are copy/mod so you can size them without fear of breaking them – just remember to make a backup copy before you modify.

Check them out in the Ephemeral Creations main store where we also offer free demos. There are seven new sets in all!

Ephemeral Creations Plain Leather Chokers - Narrow in Four Colors
Ephemeral Creations Plain Leather Chokers - Wide Set in Four Colors
Ephemeral Creations Plain Leather Chokers - Neko Set in Four Colors

The spiked leather sets include three different styles of spikes with each color (spiked narrow, spiked wide, and double spiked wide):

Ephemeral Creations Black Spiked Leather Chokers - Set in Three Styles
Ephemeral Creations Red Spiked Leather Chokers - Set in Three Styles
Ephemeral Creations Brown Spiked Leather Chokers - Set in Three Styles
Ephemeral Creations Tan Spiked Leather Chokers - Set in Three Styles

Each set includes male and female versions of the chokers.

~ Peace, Areksh Baral

Persephone Collars

September 1, 2008 Comments off

As a complement to our “Persephone” jewelry series, we have released matching collars in gold and lapis, and gold and jet. The collars feature a delicate pull ring, and are modify/transfer rather than modify/copy like the regular jewelry. Each collar is 208 prims.

Destined to spend half of every year in the darkness of the Underworld, and the other half under the blue skies of Earth, Persephone’s existence is embodied in Ephemeral Creations’ twin jewelry series – which bears the goddess’ name – in both jet stone and lapis lazuli cabochons.

To adjust your new collars, you may refer to our handy illustrated guide here.

Arkesh Baral

Bound in Steel, Revisited

August 5, 2008 Comments off

I recently had someone suggest a darker steel version of our “Bound in Steel” collars, and it seemed like a good idea, so I textured some up right then. Now I’d like to announce the official release of our blued steel versions in the Ephemeral Creations store.

Ephemeral Creations Dark Steel Collar

Two halves come together to make a whole in Ephemeral Creations’ “Bound in Steel” collars. They are made up of two steel bar sections fixed in place by small pin rivets through tabs at both sides of the collars. Hinged d-rings hang from the front of these binding creations.

Ephemeral Creations Dark Steel Collar

Versions shaped for both the female and male neck are available, and they are mod/transfer so you can size and fit them properly to your avatar.

Ephemeral Creations Dark Steel Collar

~Arkesh Baral, Ephemeral Creations

Group Freebie

July 16, 2008 Comments off

I just installed a single-prim freebie vendor (looks just like one of our store displays) for our update group members in the main Ephemeral Creations store. The current group freebie is our “Has Milk” Collar in red leather & steel hardware. It features realistic hardware, black paw prints on the leather, and has a little milk bottle hanging from the collar’s d-ring. The package includes four collars total: one female version with a paw print on the bottle and one without, and one male version each with and without the paw print on the bottle.

Ephemeral Creations Has Milk Collar - Red Leather

The new group freebie vendor is on the far end of the store near our 7Seas fishing reservoir. Don’t forget to activate the Ephemeral Creations group before you click the vendor; you won’t get the freebie without it. There’s a teleport pad right in the store landing area that will take you where you need to go, just choose the fishing area from its menu.

~Peace, Arkesh Baral

“Has Milk” Leather Collars

April 1, 2008 Comments off

Ok, I’m really excited about these new neko oriented collars – they’re so cute! Maybe that sounded a little conceited, oops, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out! I hope you like them too.

Ephemeral Creations Has Milk Collar Red-Silver

Ephemeral Creations’ new “Has Milk” leather paw print collars come in four colors of leather (tan, brown, red, and black), and two colors of metal (silver and steel). Each collar features detailed, realistic hardware, and a little milk bottle that hangs from the collar’s d-ring.

Ephemeral Creations Has Milk Collar Black-Steel

Each color combination is sold in sets of four cat’s paw print leather collars, which include one female collar with a paw print on the bottle, one female collar with a plain bottle, one male collar with a paw print on the bottle, and one male collar with a plain bottle. I decided to sell them with male and female collars in the same set because they’re modify/copy/no transfer, and there wasn’t much point in having them as separate displays. It was just more convenient for everyone. All collars still have paw prints on the leather, whether or not it’s on the bottle.

Ephemeral Creations Has Milk Collar Tan-Steel

Ephemeral Creations Has Milk Collars Brown-Silver


Studded Steel Collars and Cuffs

January 22, 2008 Comments off

Ephemeral Creations Collars

Beautiful, gleaming steel; cool to the touch, yet quickly warmed to the skin. Accent your neck in these lightly studded collars from Ephemeral Creations. They’re as much pieces of jewellery as they are collars.

Ephemeral Creations Collars

They are available in male and female versions, with or without the pull ring, and in two different color schemes. That’s four female collars, and four male collars. At the back of each piece is a sharpened pin to hold the clasp together.

Ephemeral Creations Cuffs

Matching unisex wrist cuffs are also available.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and high personal standards for primwork; if it isn’t “just so” it doesn’t go on display. Visit our main store to see for yourself.