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Make Him Over Hunt

June 1, 2009 Comments off

The Make Him Over Hunt starts today, and Ephemeral Creations is store number 26 in the chain. This hunt focuses specifically on the guys with gifts made for men, and unisex items.

Make Him Over Hunt in SL at Ephemeral Creations

Our gifts include a silver cross necklace fitted to the unique shape of the male neck in Second Life®, and a nice, simple unisex pair of stud earrings in silver with jet cabochon stones.


Look for the prim golden male symbol hidden in the store; it’s not far from the landing point.

Happy hunting, guys!

KISSED Grid Wide Valentine’s Hunt Gifts

February 8, 2009 Comments off

We made a few special free gift items just for Valentine’s Day, and decided to put them in our big red lips for the KISSED, Grid Wide Hunt organized by Vain Inc., which runs February 6 – 20. Ephemeral Creations is stop #15 in the hunt chain, and the gifts will only be available around Valentine’s holidays.

Vain Inc Kissed Grid Wide Hunt Poster

You’ll find our lips next to our update group’s freebie display on the west wall of the Ephemeral Creations main store by the 7Seas fishing area.

First up is a matching necklace and earring set in gold and red enameling. All pieces are copy only (the necklace comes in two sizes, is 117 prims, and is fitted for the female neck shape).

Ephemeral Creations Valentine's Jewelry Set

Ephemeral Creations Valentine's Jewelry Pose

Second is a special red and pink version of our Jangle Bangles, and they’re copy/mod.

Ephemeral Creations Valentine's Bracelets in Second Life

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~Arkesh Baral

“Persephone” Jewelry

July 27, 2008 Comments off

Destined to spend half of every year in the darkness of the Underworld, and the other half under the blue skies of Earth, Persephone’s existence is embodied in Ephemeral Creations’ twin jewelry series – which bears the goddess’ name – in both jet stone and lapis lazuli cabochons.

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

There are two “Persephone” gold jewelry lines, lapis lazuli and jet, and each offers five separate pieces:

  • Choker
  • Hair Comb (includes two copies – one attaches to mouth, one attaches to nose – also, you will need to adjust the comb’s position to suit your hair style and taste, and can link copies permanently to any mod/copy hair using the edit tools)
  • Earring Pair
  • Bracelet (left wrist)
  • Ring (right hand includes two conveniently pre-sized copies)

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

For your convenience and so you can properly adjust and size them, all pieces are mod/copy except the earrings, which are copy only.

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

You will need to adjust the hair comb’s position to suit your hair style and taste; you can also link copies permanently to any mod/copy hair using the edit tools.

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

To adjust your new jewelry, you may refer to our handy illustrated guide here.

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

Ephemeral Creations Persephone Jewelry

The “Persephone” series has been in development for quite some time now, and I am very pleased to finally offer it’s beauty and elegance to you. Please visit our main store to try on the free demos.

Arkesh Baral

“Nathra” Full Face Piercing Set

July 21, 2008 Comments off

Ephemeral Creations’ new “Nathra” facial piercings set is out! Because there is such a wide variety of facial shapes in Second Life®, I had a lot of concern about everyone being able to fit these piercings properly, so I wrote up a detailed, illustrated adjustment guide here. Hopefully, it will give you the information you need to make it a lot easier. I also broke the set into separate face and ears attachments, rather than just one big attachment, and then included 3+ prefitted sizings for everything. This allows you to mix and match various fits to get the best possible starting fit.

Ephemeral Creations

The ‘Nathra” piercings set includes all piercings in both steel and dark steel colors:

  • Left Ear: Six captive bead rings.
  • Right Ear: One industrial, one ear cuff clip, one captive bead lobe, one captive bead rook.
  • Mouth Attachment: One labret ball stud, one monroe ball stud, one captive bead lower lip ring.
  • Nose Attachment: One bridge piercing, two left nostril ball studs, one right nostril captive bead ring, one right eyebrow captive bead ring.
  • For your convenience, the set also includes a version of the mouth and nose sets combined together on the nose attachment point.

Both the free demo kit (available in the main store) and the full set include the fit reference picture shown below.

It’s all copy/mod so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when fitting. Just remember to make a backup copy before you start modifying.

Arkesh Baral

“Celestia” Neckpiece and Earrings

June 17, 2008 Comments off

The “Celestia” neckpiece and earrings are designed in shining gold with polished, opaque Italian glass beads that are captured like tiny worlds in their eternal course around the universe. A delicate hinge at the back of the choker is adorned with half-dome glass beads as well.

The “Celestia” line is a brighter complement to our “Starry Night” jewelry.

Ephemeral Creations Celestia Jewelry

The choker is copy/modify/no transfer so you don’t have to worry about mangling it during sizing; it is also shaped for the female neck. Please remember to keep an original master copy somewhere safe in your inventory. The earrings are copy only. Both pieces feature Ephemeral Creations’ custom textures.
Treat yourself to an unique, artistic, fashionable accessory for that very special event.

Ephemeral Creations Celestia Jewelry

Arkesh Baral