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7S Fishing Tournament

June 30, 2008 Comments off

We will be running a 7Seas Unlimited fishing tournament at the Ephemeral Creations main store fishing reservoir on Tuesday, July 1 from 5:00 SLT – 5:50 SLT (8:00 EST-8:50 EST).

Prizes will be awarded for the top three places:
1st: L$ 250
2nd: L$ 125
3rd: L$ 75

Fishing trophies will also be given out.


Stop by to catch lots of pet fish, and have some fun.

You can read about our 7Seas fishing reservoir here.

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Fishing for Pets

March 29, 2008 Comments off

If you like little prim pets in Second Life® (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll love the 7Seas Fishing Game. My partner discovered this new fishing system recently, and loved it so much that I couldn’t resist building a new reservoir in the Ephemeral Creations main store for it. It really is a lot of fun!

Once you pick up a fishing rod, you’re all set to go, just have a seat by a designated fishing pond, and click your new gear to cast or do other neat things like customize its color or check your fishing experience level. If you want to increase your chances of a catch, you can buy bait by the bucket for a small fee. We have a fishing gear vendor in the corner near our store’s fishing hole for your convenience too.

Now here’s the really cute part: every sea critter you catch is a pet that will either swim around you, or sit on your shoulder depending on what it is. Once you’ve worn your new friends, you can make them blow bubbles and swim fast or slow just by touching them to get a menu full of options. You also get to name them, and if you have one of the 7Seas aquariums nearby, you can send a copy there to swim around.

Catching Pet Fish at Ephemeral Creations

This is my partner and I fishing in our store’s new reservoir (I’m the one using dynamite to fish – see my little sack of explosives?). You can see some pet fish – a tiger shark, lionfish, and a ragged fish – cruising through the air around us, and a little starfish and an urchin on Mel’s shoulders.

If cool pets aren’t enough, you might also catch various bits of salvage. Once you have the right bits and pieces, you can combine them into other special items.

We are both very impressed by the quality of the 7Seas products, and by the price. You really get a huge value for your money. Where else can you catch super-neat free pets?

Come hang out at the Ephemeral Creations main store anytime you want to go fishing, you’re always welcome! Stay tuned to the blog for announcements about occasional store fishing tournaments too!

Find the 7Seas Fishing Game Headquarters here.