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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mayfly – Free Eyes

February 13, 2013 Comments off

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mayfly!

For Keshie group members, come on over to Mayfly for your free Liquid Light Eyes in Passion.

The gift includes both regular system eyes and size-scripted mesh eyes.

Wednesday and Thursday only!

Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Passion)

Join the update group, “Keshie”, and wear the group tag to claim your free eyes. You’ll find the set downstairs toward the right of the Deep Sky Eyes display wall.

9 More Deep Sky Eye Colors @ Mayfly

April 23, 2012 Comments off

Nine more beautiful colors have joined the Deep Sky Eye collection at Mayfly.

Stop by Mayfly to check out the huge eye selection, and pick out your new eyes.

The Absinthe eyes were based on a customer request. If there’s a color you’d like to see, please let me know.

Also, through Wednesday 4/25 only, stop by Mayfly to get your free Red Honey color eyes. You have to be a member of the update group, Keshie, to claim your gift (mesh and regular eyes both included for this gift set).

All Deep Sky Eyes are available in either regular eyes, or mesh prim versions that have our custom scripted sizing system, and include four different whites (dark to light). Mesh and regular eyes are sold separately.


Keshie Group Gift (Glacial River Eyes) @ Mayfly

April 8, 2012 Comments off

Only through this Tuesday(4/10), I am giving out the November Night color from the latest Deep Sky Eye release as a Keshie group gift. You will have to stop by the store, wear your Keshie group tag, and click the gift vendor to get it though.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Glacial River) in Second Life

The gift set includes both the regular and mesh eyes.

Look to the back wall of Mayfly with all the eyes to find the vendor.

Zombie Popcorn Hunt #6 @ Mayfly

February 4, 2012 Comments off

Mayfly is store #82 in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6. The new eye color, Rose Blush, is only available as a hunt prize for the duration of the hunt, and includes both the regular and mesh versions.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (ZP6 Hunt Rose Blush) in SL

It will go on sale at Mayfly after the hunt is over.

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6 Logo

The hunt runs February 1st – 15th and is sponsored by

You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag.

Keshie Group Gift – Paris Green Mesh Eyes

January 20, 2012 Comments off

For all of my update group members, there is still a free gift set of Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Paris Green in the group notices.

Join “Keshie” to get yours soon, they’ll only be available for about four more days. ^_^

Stop by Mayfly to see all 66 colors of the new Deep Sky mesh and regular eyes!

Keshie Group Gift from Mayfly

January 7, 2012 Comments off

To celebrate the release of the new Deep Sky Eye series, I’ve given out a color to my group members.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Second Life

In world, join the update group “Keshie” for all three stores (Mayfly, BodyFire, and Ephemeral Neko) to grab your free Monet Dawn Deep Sky Eyes.

Group Holiday Gift

July 2, 2011 Comments off

Happy 4th of July everyone! I’ve just sent out a little gift to our update group members – some nice red, white, and blue bangle bracelets. There is also a set of Canada Day bangles included (yes, I know it’s late, but Happy Belated Canada Day).

The bangles include left and right wrist sets that are different from each other, and are copy/mod.

If you’re not a “Keshie” group member, you can join; enrollment is open, but there is a one time 50L$ fee to join. Membership in the group includes regular perks like monthly gift card giveaways, access to special sales, and group-only gifts like this.

Search groups for “Keshie”, join, and look in the group Notices archive to get your gifts.

Wear Purple Day (It Gets Better) – Free Gift

October 20, 2010 Comments off

October 20th, 2010 is Wear Purple Day.

Mayfly - It Gets Better- Wear Purple

After the recent suicides of several LGBT youth due to overwhelming bullying, Oct 20th has been declared “Wear Purple” day to raise awareness for this all too painful problem currently being ignored worldwide.

Please wear purple to show your support. Tell a friend. Tell a family member. Help a kid get through bullying. Help a kid have hope. Speak up when you see bullying.

Stop by Mayfly to get your free purple bangles to help raise awareness.

Get a free unisex Wear Purple t-shirt at Haven Designs:


Recent News:

Peace to you all.

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Easter Gift for Group Members

April 3, 2010 Comments off

Stop by the Ephemeral Creations main store for a pretty silver and gold, women’s Easter Pendant. This item is only available during Easter.

Simply join our update group, Ephemeral Creations, and then click the group gift display to receive your jewelry. You’ll find the group gift displays on the far west wall of the store by the 7Seas fishing area.

2009 Halloween Hunt

October 7, 2009 Comments off

Running through October 31st, Ephemeral Creations is having its own in-store Halloween Hunt! I’ve hidden 11 little pumpkins around the store; all you have to do is find them, and click to buy what’s inside for oL$. Easy peasy, right? Mmm, well, they’re kinda small, and I did say hidden… Ok, not super-tough hidden, but still… Are you up for the challenge? Just so you know what you’re looking for, check me out holding one of the pumpkins below.

Ephemeral Creations Halloween Hunt Pumpkin

Notice the spider clinging upside down to my hand? There are a few of those in one of the 11 pumpkins so you can have a spider friend for Halloween.

What else is in the pumpkins you ask?

Ohhh, some bracelets and chokers (that fit both girls and guys), a little bit of neko stuff… maybe I’ll save some more pictures for another post.

Happy Halloween!

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