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Mayfly – Petite Mesh Eyes On Sale Half Off

May 6, 2013 Comments off

Through Sunday 5/12/13, all Deep Sky Petite Eyes at Mayfly are half off! Stop by to pick from 75 different colors, and get custom scripted sizing that allows 11 preset choices. Also glow and full bright options.

Mayfly - Petite Eyes Sizing in Second Life


Made for Petite avatars based on the Yabusaka mesh shape.

All Eyes 50% Off @ Mayfly, Black Friday Sale!

November 23, 2012 Comments off

Mayfly is having a HUGE Black Friday Sale! ALL EYES at the Mayfly main store are 50% off through Friday midnight. This is a once a year thing. Stop by to fill out your eye collection before this sale ends. ^_^

Eye Sale at Mayfly, Black Friday in Second Life

Regular eyes, size scripted mesh eyes, mesh Petite eyes, they’re all 50% off! Hundreds of eyes from which to choose.

30 More Petite Eyes Added @ Mayfly + Group Gift

May 8, 2012 Comments off

I’ve put out a gift for Keshie group members in conjunction with the latest release of 30 more eye colors for Petite Mesh Avatars. That’s 75 colors for Petites now! ^_^

Mayfly’s beautiful Petite eyes include 4 different whites, and are custom scripted to offer 11 size choices (irises small through huge), 4 height positions, full bright on/off, and 2 optional glow settings.

Mayfly - Petite Eyes Sizing in Second Life


Simply touch your eye for the scripted menu, and lots of options.


Stop by Mayfly for your Keshie group gift (available only through Sunday, 5/13/12), and to check out all the new eye colors for Petite Mesh Avatars.

Keshie Group Gift (Majorelle Blue Petite Eyes) @ Mayfly

April 17, 2012 Comments off

Now through Sunday (4/22/12) only, stop by Mayfly to get your free Deep Sky Eyes for Petite Mesh Avatars. They’re mesh, and they use the same textures as our other Deep Sky Eyes, but they’ve been sized and modified just for Petites. They also feature their own special scripting that gives you 11 size choices, 4 height adjustments, Full Bright on/off, and 2 optional Glow settings.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Petite Eyes (Majorelle Blue) in Second Life

You need to be a Keshie group member (it’s free to join), and wear your group tag when you click the gift display. Look for the Petite eyes on the 2nd floor balcony above the regular Deep Sky Eyes.

One last thing: I updated the script in the Petite eyes to offer the Full Bright toggle and Glow settings almost a week ago. If you have the older eyes and want a free update to them, please contact me in world.

And Now… Petite Eyes @ Mayfly + Group Gift

March 30, 2012 Comments off

Now for Petite Mesh Avatars at Mayfly, their very own versions of the Deep Sky Eyes.

These mesh eyes use the same textures as the regular Deep Sky Eyes, and offer their own unique custom scripted sizing system. Choose from eleven different sizes and four height adjustments for the perfect fit on your Petite Mesh Avatar.

Mayfly - Petite Eyes Sizing Horizontal in Second Life

The scripting has been optimized for Petite avatars using the Yabusaka avatar base. Slightly modified Petite body shapes are included for male avatars to use; the Eye Depth and Eye Spacing had to be adjusted using the shape editor to make the eyes fit they boys properly.

There are currently 25 colors out with more to come. Each color includes four different whites just like the regular Deep Sky Eyes.

Also, if you stop by Mayfly before the end of Sunday (4/1), you can get a free pair as a Keshie group gift – Olive Hazel.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Petite Eyes (Olive Hazel)

You can also get the free London Fog color in the store anytime.