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Halloween Edition Neko Tails

October 28, 2009 Comments off

I’ve created a special set of neko tails for Halloween, and put them out at the very special price of 25L$. You’ll get straight and fluffy tails in short, medium, and long versions of the “Moxy” shape/color design; these tails are wrapped in black and orange leather straps, and a great big black widow spider perches on top. These are fully featured tails, so you will have fur and metal texture switching, all the tail motions, and 121 tints for fur and metal parts.


The spider also happens to be the sister of the shoulder and arm pets you can find for free in the Ephemeral Creations store Halloween hunt. If you haven’t done the hunt yet, stop by to find the 11 hidden pumpkins with free gifts inside! The hunt runs through the end of October.


Above, I am wearing the spider pets, and two bracelets from the store Halloween hunt.

Happy Halloween!
~ Arkesh Baral

Barbed Wire Moxy Neko Tails

October 4, 2009 Comments off

Get that rockin’ heavy metal neko look for your Second Life® avatar with barbed wire wrapped around your tail! Check out Ephemeral Creations’ second release in the “Moxy” neko tail line.

Ephemeral Moxy Fluffy Barbed Wire Neko Tails in SL

Ephemeral Moxy Straight Barbed Wire Neko Tails in SL

These tails have all the same features as the original plain Moxy tails, plus they include scripting so you can switch between nine metal textures to customize your look.

If you want to know about everything these scripted tails can do, find our online documentation here. The guide is still being written, but you can at least read about all the cool functions.


Our First Neko Tails

September 19, 2009 Comments off

When I started working on these tails back in the end of April – beginning of May I had no idea they would take over four months to complete, but they’re finally done. After all those months of scripting, testing, assembling prims, messing with flexi parameters, testing again, and creating textures, I’m really, really pleased to release Ephemeral Creations’ first two neko tails sets. And I can breathe again too!

Say hello to the first two tails in the “Moxy” line!

Ephemeral Neko Tails - Plain Fluffy - in Second Life

Ephemeral Neko Tails - Plain Fluffy - in Second Life

As a way of celebrating, I’m offering both sets at a very special price of 99L$ each set to my update group members through the end of this Sunday. Until I move them into the neko section, you will find them over by the group freebie spot on the far west wall of the store by the 7Seas fishing reservoir. You need to wear your group tag when you buy them.

What can they do?

Quite a lot, I think you’ll like them. You have to buy the straight and fluffy tails separately, but each set includes short, medium, and long tails. The custom scripting includes texture switching between 9 original fur textures, and 121 built-in color tinting choices. There are 17 motion settings, and 6 motion rate settings. You also get Full Bright switching, and a fun gravity (“floatiness”) control that lets you further personalize your tail’s movement and character with 6 settings.

I’m working on an online user’s manual for them here, but as of this writing, it’s not yet finished.

Ephemeral Neko Tails Fluffy Colors - in Second Life

These ones are just plain, yummy fur, but I’ll be releasing tails with stuff strapped to them, and jewelry soon (which will feature metal and leather texture switching, and separate metal tinting), so keep in touch.

Stop on by Ephemeral Creations to get yours before the special update group pricing ends.

~ Meow!