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Milk-Love Necklaces @ Ephemeral Neko

May 18, 2011 Comments off

Four new necklaces at Ephemeral Neko include three lengths of leather cord, and one pretty linked chain. Each piece is texture change – you can switch pendant and necklace textures separately.

Ephemeral Neko - Milk-Love Necklace (chain, medium)

The leather cords have 27 different textures available from a simple drop-down menu.

Ephemeral Neko - Milk-Love Necklace (leather, short)

Ephemeral Neko - Milk-Love Necklace (leather, medium)

Ephemeral Neko - Milk-Love Necklace (leather, long)All pieces are copy/mod/no transfer.  Girl’s fit only. Go get your’s.


Twister Torq Bracelet

March 21, 2010 Comments off

Scripted so you can choose from 10 different metals at a click, you’re sure to love the Twister Torq Bracelet. The twisted design and fluted balls give this accessory a touch of class and style.

Ephemeral Twister Torq Bracelet

The 10 metals include silver, gold, copper, brass, steel, blued steel, black steel, old steel, rusty, and full rust.

The set includes left and right fits, and is unisex. It’s copy/mod so, if needed, you can resize it without fear.

Visit the main store to get your set.

“Cheyenne” Chokers

March 20, 2010 Comments off

It’s time for new pretties for your neck. The Cheyenne Choker gives you a thin strip of leather with 27 beautiful scripted textures; It also offers 10 great metal textures for 270 total combinations!

Ephemeral Cheyenne Choker SL

The copy/mod/no transfer set includes girl’s and boy’s versions. You can just delete the one you don’t need.

New! “Has Milk” Neko Collar 2.0

March 20, 2010 Comments off

We’re revisiting an old favorite with a new Has Milk Neko Collar. The updated version gives you 27 gorgeous leather textures at the click of a button, and also includes 10 metal textures. If that’s not enough, also at the touch of a button, you can choose to have a bitty paw print on your little milk bottle, or not, if you want. Just touch your collar while wearing it to get the menu.

You get both girl’s and boy’s fitted versions in the package, and can just delete the one you don’t want. It’s copy/mod permissions.

This new, updated version replaces the original Has Milk collars; stop by the Ephemeral main store today to show your kitty-love for milk.